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Celebrate Tu B’Shevat at a Winery

Tu B’Shevat gets its name from the date on which the holiday occurs, the 15th of the month of Shevat. A minor Jewish holiday, it is often referred to as the new year (or “birthday”) of the trees. The holiday originated in the Talmud, and was based on the date chosen...

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Dance group Jan. 11, 7 pm with zoom

Hi dancers. People tell me they are willing to begin their New Year resolutions about exercising early and want to meet December 28 and January 11. See video links below, and email requests. It's harder for me to grab songs during the dance because the screen is too...

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Free Choice Book January 15

Book Group for January 8 and/or January 15 free choice. Each participant tells us a little about a fiction or non-fiction book he / she has been reading lately. Something about the author. 5 or 10 minutes. And the rest of us listen and may have a question or 2...

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Participating in Shabbat Lunches

The Shabbat lunches are slowly growing more popular, so we are needing your help. We need volunteers at the lunch to help us clean up when the meal is over and Birchat Hamazon (blessings after the meal) is done. That way the work goes faster for all of us. We are...

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