Israeli Folk Dancing

Circle and line dances to songs in Hebrew, and even a few in Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Farsi and English.

Israeli Folk Dancing on Zoom

Folk dancing, as a hobby conducted in closely gathered groups, often holding hands, sometimes breathing at least a bit hard– has been hard hit by Covid. Still, dancers miss dancing too much not to do what they can, even if it’s on Zoom. We roll up the rug or find a place on the deck and dance. Having other dancers show up as little rectangles on the screen enables us at least to imagine everybody dancing together. And of course we still have the music and the feeling of moving to express it.

The Israeli folk dance group that once met at Beth Ami is now meeting every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Zoom. The dances are a mix of old classics and newer dances. We mostly do requests and whatever people feel like doing. There are some who just like to watch and listen.
The Zoom link is not the normal Beth Ami Zoom room, so if you would like to be on the email list for this group, email with Israeli dance in the subject. We hope to see you!

Some have said that Israeli dance can’t be folk dancing because it’s choreographed, but while in many countries traditional dancing can now only be found when performed by dance troupes, in Israel you could dance Israeli dancing any night of the week in any part of the country, and in summer on the beach or in the city square:

In fact, you can probably find groups of israeli dancers to join almost anywhere in the world:

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