Social Action

“THE WORLD stands on three things: on Torah, on divine service and on deeds of

Our Social Action Committee invites people to join. As we work together on a variety of activities, we deepen our relationships to each other, the Beth Ami family and to the broader community. We can make a difference through our actions and interactions.

Advocates for Social Justice Committee Mission Statement

Our purpose is to educate ourselves and the greater CBA community about racism and social injustice for Jews of color and all people of color. In order to bring awareness and create positive change where we live, we work to build relationships outside of our community and support all people who experience social injustice everywhere.
We strive to create change through education, self-reflection, listening with compassion, respecting & honoring differences, collaboration with faith-based & social partners, engaging to prevent, intervene & eliminate racism in our community. Resource List About Race and Social Justice

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