Chavurot (Friendship Groups)

Hiking with a Chavurah group, Congregation Beth Ami in Santa Rosa CA

Hiking with the Chavurah

Find out about new Chavurot that are forming.

Each chavurah has its own character and focus. Some groups meet to eat and socialize, others to celebrate Shabbat and holidays together, and still others to go on hikes or to the theater together.
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CHAVURAH experience at Congregation Beth Ami is a meaningful one. It is for members who are seeking to create a long-standing intimate relationship with a smaller group of congregants. A typical Chavurah is composed of about 20 people who generally get together monthly. The individuals in a given Chavurah often share a common interest or age group, or they may enjoy their diversity. Sometimes the group is intergenerational so as to create a feeling of extended family. Each group decides its own activities based on their particular needs and interests — Shabbat and holiday dinners, Sunday brunches, theatre, retreats in Lake Tahoe. Get connected!

More hiking!

More hiking!

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…not hiking