Someone's in the Kitchen7The Shabbat lunches are slowly growing more popular, so we are needing your help. We need volunteers at the lunch to help us clean up when the meal is over and Birchat Hamazone (blessings after the meal) is done. That way the work goes faster for all of us.
We will be opening up the Shabbat lunches to items prepared at home that are on The Food and Potluck Guidelines. You may find the information on what is or isn’t allowed in the Food and Potluck Guidelines.

Or you may contact Elizabeth in the Congregation Beth Ami Office for a paper copy. Remember these guidelines are a compromise so that everyone may participate in the providing for the meal, whether you keep kosher at home or don’t.

And if you don’t have an idea of what to make, just check out the Shabbat-Pot-Luck-Recipe-book that Mieneke Drake put together for some simple ideas.

Please remember:
Our mashgichim are there to help keep these guidelines in place, if they ask you questions regarding your contribution, they are doing their best to ensure that your dish does follow these guidelines. If you have questions feel free to ask them or other members of the kitchen committee. If they don’t know the answer, they know how to find out. To understand what the kitchen Mashgiach does (maybe you’d like to become one!) Role of the Volunteer mashgiach 7_25_18

For food safety reasons, any food remaining out after the lunch will not be saved. If people want to take the leftovers home we are happy will provide bags for taking food home. Any other leftovers will go in the compost bin. If you brought in food to share, we will set the your food dish aside on the counter for you to wipe your dish out before you take it home.
Check out the pamphlet,, Guidelines for Kitchen Use

All of the above pamphlets from the CBA Kitchen Committee are also available in printed form in the Beth Ami Office. There is also a general event planning guideline:: CBA Program and Event Planning Guide  which includes the 2024 CBA kitchen committee   which is an introduction to this committee.

A special thank you for all of you who have participated in making the CBA kitchen a happening place. Whether you participated in the events (be it organizing, preparing, setting up or cleaning up), brought in food and drink to share donated food or equipment or money for food for our Shabbat Potluck lunches, donated your time and labor to be a Mashgiach for one of our events, to organize and clean the kitchen, to getting our knives sharpened (and you all know who you are) we appreciate you one and all.

Thank you,

Congregation Beth Ami Kitchen Committee

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