Rosh Chodesh

The Jewish calendar, unlike the secular calendar, is arranged according to the phases of the moon. Many Jewish festivals fall on the full moon.

Hiking in the redwoods for Rosh Chodesh, Congregation Beth Ami in Santa Rosa CA

Hiking in the redwoods for Rosh Codesh Tammuz

Rosh Chodesh (literally, “head of the month” or “head of the moon”), the first of every Hebrew month, always falls on the new moon. In biblical times, Rosh Chodesh was a festival marked by celebratory sacrifice and feasting; in rabbinic times, bonfires were lit on the mountains to announce the arrival of the new moon. Today Beth Ami’s Rosh Chodesh women’s group continues to celebrate this semi-holiday for all traditional Jews.

In Jewish lore and mysticism, as in other cultures, the moon has been a symbol for feminine principles. Rosh Chodesh, the new moon, has special meaning for Jewish women, and thus we gather at the beginning of each new Jewish month to explore our spiritual selves, make connections with one another, take note of and recognize our beliefs, feelings and attitudes through the means of Jewish texts, themes, and rituals.

We meet on the eve of Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new cycle of the moon. This activity is free and open to all Jewish women, regardless of affiliation. Please contact our office to get on our email list for Rosh Chodesh announcements.

Rosh Chodesh Gatherings 5782
All Jewish women are welcome, regardless of affiliation (or not)
Sunday, September 26, 12 noon, lunch in the sukkah
Thursday, October 7, 7pm, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Friday, November 5, Moon Mavens lead services for Rosh Chodesh Kislev
Thursday, December 2, 7pm, Rosh Chodesh Tevet celebrate Chanukah with 5 candles, dessert, childhood memories of Chanukah
Monday, January 3, 7pm, celebrate Rosh Chodesh Sh’vat
(Possible Tu BiShvat Seder on Sunday, January 16, 11am)
Wednesday, February 2, 7pm, Gail Weiner will lead a discussion about relationships/connections between people to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar I
Thursday, March 3, 7pm, celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar II by discussing Vashti and Esther as role models
Sunday, April 3, 11am potluck brunch, celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nisan by sharing Passover memories and determining what elements a women’s Seder should have
Sunday, May 1, 1pm, join us at the Holocaust Memorial Wall at Santa Rosa’s Memorial Park for a Yom Hashoah commemoration on Rosh Chodesh Iyyar
Wednesday, June 1, 7pm, Ice Cream Social before Shavuot
Wednesday, June 29, 7pm, gather on the Beth Ami patio to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Tammuz
Friday, July 29, sponsor the Oneg for Rosh Chodesh Av
Sunday, August 28, 11am potluck brunch, celebrate Rosh Chodesh Elul by sharing a part of yourself


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A brief description of the committees and their roles follows:


Religious Practices

In conjunction with the Rabbi, determines the schedule and other details pertaining to the religious services and practices at Beth Ami. Encourage and develop higher levels of participation and skill in all matters of religious observance at the synagogue and in the home. Assists the Rabbi in implementing decisions of halacha and liturgy. Function of Religious Practices Committee
Chair Lee Feinstein

Sub Committee: Cemetery Committee
Supervises arrangements for members needs.

Subcommittee: Kitchen Committee
Encourages the use of the synagogue kitchen by and for congregants. Ensures that all users of the committee are familiar with synagogue policies regarding Kashrut, safety, hygiene and security. Seeks to establish a vibrant culinary community and provide rich and varied feasts for onegs, Kiddush luncheons, and other synagogue events.


Youth and Education

Creates and implements new classes and programs that encourage participation in Jewish learning.. Develops the schedules, engages the instructors, produces the publicity, and assumes all responsibility for the creation of new programs. Advises the Board and Staff on matters of program generation and execution.

Subcommittee: Nursery School
Works with the Nursery School director to develop, implement, and support school programs and activities.

Subcommittee: Religious School
Works with the Religious School Director to develop and support Religious School programs and activities

Subcommittee: Youth Activities Committee
Works with Youth Advisors to support youth programs and activities

Subcommittee: Adult Education
Works with Rabbi and staff to develop ongoing study courses, lectures and guest speakers


Welcomes new members to the synagogue, and acquaints them with various aspects of synagogue programs. Encourages unaffiliated Jews to consider joining the synagogue. Seeks out inactive members to renew their interest and participation in synagogue life. Interviews members who have recently left the synagogue, and discusses their comments with the Board. Advises the Board on policies that may impact the attraction and retention of members.

Subcommittee: Welcoming Committee
May supplement the Board as greeters at Shabbat services. May provide a table with information for visitors to our synagogue. Assures that visitors are noticed, introduced, and made to feel at home. Follows up, where possible, with visitors.

Subcommittee: Chavurah
Actively engages congregants (who wish to be included) in existing Chaverot, and creates new Chaverot as members request. Communicates guidelines for choosing a Chavurah. Reviews existing guidelines for membership and programming, and makes suggestions as appropriate.

Subcommittee: Chesed Committee
Supervises the well being synagogue members in times of need and difficulty. May visit the sick, visit the physically and socially challenged, and may assist and comfort in times of bereavement, family illness, or other need.

Budget and Finance

Oversees and reports on the fiscal health of the congregation. The Committee reviews the monthly balance sheets, profit and loss statement and the department detail reports, reviews the draft budget compiled and prepared by Executive Director and makes recommendations to the board. The budget and finance committee also works with the bookkeeper and CBA office staff on maintaining proper accounting procedure.

Capital Campaign
Organizes fundraising for capital improvements and their associated finances.

Fund Raising, Development, and Special Events

Responsible for organizing and coordinating activities to generate revenue for operation and endowment, consistent with the values of the synagogue. Supervises the Gift Shop

Fundraising and Special Events Committee
Plans and organizes special events designed for community building and fundraising.

Subcommittee: Gift Shop
Stocks and supervises the gift shop.

Israel Affairs Committee

The Israel Affairs Committee has a CLEAR mission to:
Communicate with the community regarding Israel-related and Masorti issues,
Learn more about current affairs related to Israel, including the Masorti movement,
Educate the community about Israel, including the Masorti movement,
Act positively to provide a love of the Jewish State and
React in response to political anti-Semitism.

Building and Grounds

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of synagogue-owned buildings and grounds, Advises the Board on matters of insurance coverage, renovations, repairs, possible economies in utility usage, and long term capital improvements. Supervises renovations and construction projects.

Subcommittee : Aesthetics and Décor
Supervises the décor of the synagogue.

Subcommittee : Security
Supervises security issues for the synagogue.

Social Action

Develops programs to further the commitment to the entire extended Jewish Community, and to Israel. Organizes social and political action consistent with our Jewish values. Develops positive relations with the general community

Personnel Committee

Establishes policies for employment at CBA: provides leadership in hiring and terminating employees, including Rabbi and Executive Director; establishes vehicles and timetables for annual reviews of all employees; creates and updates employee handbook.

Leadership Development/ Board Operations

Develops and administers training programs for synagogue leadership roles. Supervises Board Trainings for new Board members. Monitors compliance with current By-Laws, and recommends By-Laws changes when appropriate. Functions as the parliamentarian at Board meetings. Acts as the Nominating Committee for elections.

Communications Committee

Supervises the synagogue web page. Makes suggestions for web page changes, and supervises their implementation. Develops, as appropriate, suggestions for on line resources and on line learning. Supervises the Cyber Shul and the Shofar. Assists other committees and organizers in carrying out their publicity for CBA events, both to the Sonoma County Jewish Community, and the General Community.

Subcommittee: Web guru

Library Committee

Oversees the operation of the library. Encourages appropriate use of the library. Supervises the use of library supplies and materials, including computer and on-line sources. Supervises the recruiting and training of volunteer staff. Advises the Board on all issues relating to the library

Friedman Center

Friedman Center Board Chair: Bill Friedman

Guides and Checklists for Organizing Events

To help events or programs run smoothly, the office now has a Program and Event Planning Guide.
CBA Program and Event Planning Guide
CBA Publicity Guidelines
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