The office is now open five days a week. Call Elizabeth and she will help you check out a book!

Roy Camarillo is shown appreciating the renovation that Tamar Landau and Karen Herskovic completed in October.

Books are available for check out on the honor system–take the books that you wish to read and when you return them (hopefully within a month), please reshelve in the same spot. Please do not remove books labelled REF as these are for on-site reference only. You are welcome to peruse them on site.

Not sure what you are looking for? Perhaps you enjoy reading biographies: these can be found in the 799 section. Bored with preparing the same old meals for dinner. We have a nice collection of cookbooks that can be found in the 699 area. There are lots of books for young children (something to amuse the grandkids, perhaps) as well as a great section of young adult books.

We have received a donation of books from the Batzdorffs. A big thank you to the family!

Remember: NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE LIBRARY. Please refresh outside.


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