A simple yet impactful method to support Israel is by extending words of encouragement. Betty and I actively engage in letter writing, offering heartfelt messages of support and solidarity. This act not only demonstrates our and the entire diaspora’s sense of solidarity and unity but also provides a tangible source of solace for individuals in Israel facing various challenges. Joining us in this endeavor allows for a collective effort to uplift spirits and strengthen bonds within the Israeli community.

Here is one reply I received today:

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The people of the country appreciate the concern, prayers, and thoughts. Trauma comes in many forms and thanks to the clinicians both in Israel and the US for their groundbreaking treatments. There are still way too few shelters doted around neighborhoods and no pod shelters (that I know of) being distributed to the elderly or handicapped. Gaza continues, it appears a 3rd Lebanon war is in the making and of course, a nasty faction has arisen to demoralize and create divisions, uncalled for (in my opinion) and damaging. Meanwhile, we donate, volunteer, and try to be situationally aware, what with the rash of stabbings. Pray for Israel, the country, the nation, and the people.

Stay safe.
Thank you

and here is a photo of my 45-year old colleague. It is labeled “Last Night’s Aerial Drill.”