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Honey Cake: stories and recipes

The best Honey Cake in my parent’s family was from my father’s side of the family; his Aunt Ann’s Honey cake. Below is the recipe from my mother’s recipe file. Of course, if you look carefully, you’ll see her comments for improving it to her taste. Caution: if you choose to follow it; it took… Read more »

Shelter-in-place recipes

Calling all CBA Foodies… One benefit of the Corona19 is we are all cooking at home and enjoying more meals together. Have you been cooking in your kitchen lately? What recipes have you been using? Old family recipes? New ones? Let’s share our food ideas with each other. Please include any story behind your choice… Read more »

Preparations for Passover

Right now is the season of preparations. At the time of writing this article, we are in the midst of preparing Hamantashen for the Purim Spiels, Purim Services and, of course, the Shalach Manos. This takes bakers as well as donors of fillings and dough (all done following our Food and Potluck Guidelines). For all… Read more »

Shopping for the Kosher Symbol

To me, the game of hunting for the Kosher Symbol has become a real life sport. One thing I’ve learned is how to read labels on foods. The art of label reading is an education in itself. I laugh (laugh) at the serving portions listed in that tiny print in the Nutrition Facts section (…really?… Read more »

Chanukah Sameach

It certainly feels like a lifetime passed since the High Holy Days, and Sukkot (where did Shemini Atzaret and Simchat Torah go?) We all feel like this is a changed and unsettled world since the wildfires started October 8th. All of us were affected, some more then others. What can we do, where can we… Read more »

Calling all honey cakes…

To add more sweetness to our celebration of the High Holy Days, once again we are requesting Honey cakes. Honey cake is one of our special traditions for Rosh Hashanah and we want to have plenty at Beth Ami for the holiday season, from Rosh Hashanah through Sukkot. You can make them at your convenience,… Read more »

Food and Celebrations

We travel from Passover to Shavuot in 6 short weeks and we celebrate our leaving Egypt as slaves and evolving to a people as Jews receiving the Torah. Our festivals often include clever bits of role-playing and foods to make these holidays more meaningful. For Passover we share the memories of leaving on a moments… Read more »

Shabbat Salads

What can I bring to the Shabbat morning potluck even if I don’t keep Kosher? Those who come to the Shabbat lunches after morning services know what a special time this is. We have a chance to relax and chat with visitors, old and new friends, or anyone else we want to get to know… Read more »


OVER A THOUSAND! We’re SHOUTING-out big THANK YOUs to our coordinator Ahuva Simon- Sa’ar; to our team of dough & filling contributers: Jo Anne Bressick, Lee Feinstein, Judi Hyman, Tish Levee, Barb McGee, Myrna Morse, Leanne Schy, Ahuva Simon-Sa’ar, Janet & Jeffrey Stein-Larson; and to our bakers Alexandra Abend, Anne Brown, Barb McGee, Myrna Morse, Leanne Schy, Ahuva Simon-Sa’ar, Janet &… Read more »

At the end of the year

At the end of the secular calender year, we like to take a moment to remember all of the feasts, celebrations and events that involved the Beth Ami Kitchen. If you have been looking at the kitchen calendar by the kitchen door you have seen these events that have happened and how busy we have… Read more »