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After the fires

Dear Friends, At this point, last week seems like a blur. Monday, Tuesday etc. all just merged into “days”. Coming home last Friday and making “kiddush” around the table had a surreal quality to it. “Normalcy” seemed out of place! I continue to be amazed by the efforts of those who combatted these terrible fires… Read more »

From Rabbi Miller

A video message of hope for the new year… I also want to thank Rick Concoff for suggesting that I send out a video message. Shana tovah umtukah!  

…and the floodgates of the sky broke open…” (Gen.7:11)

If you’ve ever visited Houston, TX, you couldn’t help but notice what a great city it is, in size and grandeur. Even its airport displays its importance as a hub for many thousands of travelers who exchange flights there every day. Observing the footage on television of so many magnificent homes with their first floors… Read more »

Critical Difference

בס״ד In creating the universe one of the first acts of the Divine Creator is to make distinctions: light and darkness, day and night, heaven and earth, dry land and seas, plants, birds, fishes and animals after their kinds, Shabbat and the rest of the days of the week. On further reflection, it appears that… Read more »

Compassionate Conversations

In my previous article, I mentioned a concern that I share with many in our community. We are all concerned with our sense of security, both public and personal, but we may disagree fundamentally with how to react to the various factors that we feel contribute to this concern. What is even more disturbing is… Read more »

Synagogue as Sanctuary

While there may be great disagreement regarding the direction in which our country is heading, I suspect that we would all agree that we live in “interesting times”. By and large, higher numbers of individuals are sensing anxiety; some are palpably fearful. “Fear” is a powerful motivator. However it often blocks out “mindful” behavior. It’s… Read more »

The Sound of Rain

It was fashionable, some generations ago, to teach children proverbs. Through these easily memorized sayings, something would stick in their minds and give them a jump-start on experience. I still remember a number of these sayings that my mother taught me. A couple were in French! “L’appétit vient en mangent.” (The appetite comes when you… Read more »

“Outrageous Deception”

Over the last four years I’ve come to love the fact that I live in the Golden State – especially Sonoma County. Between the Pacific Ocean, the amazing weather, the beautiful landscape and the overall socially progressive attitudes of its citizens it’s no wonder that California is the most populated state in the Union. Of… Read more »

“Love that Food – Feed that Love!”

We all know that eating isn’t just a matter of survival. Sitting down to a delicious meal in the company of family or friends is a fundamental social act. It helps create community. It advances our sense of well-being. It’s a tangible act of hospitality. If you’re the one who’s prepared the meal, you know… Read more »

“Fearing God”

Unless you’re hooked on horror movies, you wouldn’t intentionally choose to experience fear. Yet this week’s Torah portion states explicitly, “Now Israel, what does Ad-nai your God request of you? Simply to ‘fear’ Ad-nai your God…” (Deut.10:12) Ironic that the one emotion people might arguably shun the most is the one thing God requests of us!… Read more »