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What is a Mashgiach

What does a Mashgiach do, and why do we need one in the CBA Kitchen? How can I become a Mashgiach for CBA? Questions, questions, questions!!! Solution: Attend our workshop on… Sunday, June 23rd, 9:30 am The kitchen committee is developing a workshop for Mashgiach training. It will be presented by Rabbi Miller and will… Read more »

Shavuot and Food

The Festival of Shavuot, the Feast of the Weeks, Chag Habikkurim, the Festival of the First-fruits; all describe the festival that started with ancient agricultural origins associated with the sweetness of spring bounty that later in history shifted to the Revelation of Torah. The First-fruits of Spring being dates, figs, grapes, pomegranates and olives; the… Read more »

CBA Hamantaschen 2013 – it takes a community…

Thank you CBA Bakers for your generous donation of time, dough, and filling for making hamentashen for us to celebrate Purim, Shalach Manos, the Purim Festival and the Purim Spiel. From January 6-February 10 we made 1118 hamentashen. Our volunteers ranged from our Religious School students and our Rabbi to our usual volunteers of CBA… Read more »