Lee Feinstein writes: Click pdf link below for the Recipe I use that has been featured in the past few years. I tend to go overboard. It has Pareve dough and uncooked fillings. I made 2 batches of dough and got 114 cookies, put 100 in the CBA freezer for the Purim delivery, and ate the rest. I used a 3 lb bag of Costco organic dried Apricots and had about a third leftover.
Lee Feinstein Hamentaschen recipes

Leanne Schy: I was looking for a dairy dough that would be more like my favorite, rugelach. The dough does need egg to keep its shape, so I adopted the Joy of Cooking Rich Roll cookie recipe by replacing half the butter with cream cheese. There is a lot of leeway in making fillings.
hamentashen dough with cream cheese

The Stein Larsons have collected many pareve hamentashen fillings in this pdf: