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    Community Seder April 4th
    We're having an all-volunteer seder to reduce the cost for everyone.
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    The Gift Shop has beautiful things for Pesach
    Haggadot, Seder plates, Elijah and Miriam cups, afikomen bags, etc.
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    Contemporary Jewish Writing:
    Gabor Por’s six-session class will start April 16
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    יום הזיכרון Yom HaZikaron
    Day of Remembrance and Hope April 21st

Welcome to
Congregation Beth Ami
of Santa Rosa

Events at a glance

March 25 (Wed)  6:30 – 9 Israeli dance in the Friedman Center

March 25 (Wednesdays, weekly) 7 – 7:30 p.m. Rabbi’s Midrash class

March 26 (Thursdays, weekly) 7:30 -9 pm Introduction to Judaism class

March 27 (Fri) Beth Ami joins 6:15 pm evening service at Shomrei Torah

March 28 (Sat) 9:30 a.m. Shomrei Torah comes to Beth Ami for services

March 29 (Sun) 10 a.m.–12 p.m. Beth Ami & You, A Taste of Pesach.

April 1 (Wed) 10 – noon Social Action at the Food Bank

April 3 (Fri) – 9:30 a.m. Sale of Hameitz forms to office Download Form

April 3 (Fri) – 6:00 p.m. short Erev Pesach service SERVICE SCHEDULE

April 4 (Sat) at 8 p.m. Beth Ami Community Seder see Shofar

April 14 (Tues) both daytime and evening discussion groups for One Bay One Book

April 16 (Thurs, 6 weeks) 7 p.m. Contemporary Jewish Writing class with Gabor Por

April 21 (Tues) 7:15 p.m. Yom HaZikaron



Pesach Kid’s style with Beth Ami & You

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Sunday March 29th, At 10 a.m. – Come participate in an interactive kid friendly seder. Limited foods but lots of movement as we walk, run, skip and sing. We’ll be learning about Passover by taking a scavenger hunt. You never know what we’ll find and learn along the way. Our craft will be a decorative item for Pesach. Event is free but donations for supplies are appreciated. All families welcomed–affiliated, Jewish or not. bau Pesach 2015

Beth Ami Community Seder

Saturday April 4 at 8 p.m. – Welcoming all ages, affiliations, interfaith & LGBT communities, members, and non-members. Beth Ami, led by Barb McGee and friends, is putting on an all- volunteer Seder April 4, in order to bring the price down for everyone. You can find an RSVP form on the cover of the SHOFAR newsletter but there’s one bit we’d like you to ignore: it says to RSVP by Wednesday, April 1. Please– if you possibly can, RSVP sooner, say, Monday morning March 30. That will really help. (You can also still volunteer)
Member prices: Adults $26, Children $14, Under 5, no charge, Family Maximum: $72
Non-Member prices: Adults $30, Children $15, Under 5, no charge, Family Maximum: $80
This Seder will replace meat with salmon, and otherwise include all the traditional dishes: charoset, egg, gefilte fish with chrain, vegetarian matzo ball soup by Ahuva, potato kugel, asparagus, strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, and wine of course.
The Seder will be led by Rabbi Miller from A Different Night: a Haggadah for the Four Children in Each of Us.

One Bay One Bookobob1

We are thrilled to announce that the book selected for Jewish LearningWorks’ One Bay One Book program for 2014-2015 is The Betrayers, the new novel by Latvian-born writer and filmmaker David Bezmozgis. Bezmozgis is the author of the award-winning collection Natasha and Other Stories and the novel The Free World. Book discussion groups will be April 14, led by Susanne Batzdorff in the daytime and Gabor Por in the evening. 12 copies of the book are now available for borrowing.

Adult Education classes

Contemporary Jewish Writing: Gabor Por’s six-session class will start in April and will introduce you to current Jewish literary talents in these areas:
American Jewish History
World Jewish History
He will also give us tips on using the internet to find reviews of new works. Gabor has a Master’s degree in Information Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and has a blog on the internet on which he lists works of Jewish interest: jewishbookworld.org
Classes will be held at Beth Ami on Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 and will start on April 16. NOTE this differs from the original date printed in the Shofar because of the Passover holiday.

Midrash Class with Rabbi Mordecai Miller: Wednesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. (Rabbi’s Study)
where we examine the original text of the Midrash Rabba (the Great Midrash) on Genesis as well as an 18th Century commentary called “Eitz Yoseph”. These provide original insights into the Biblical text. Discussion is encouraged.

Introduction to Judaism with Rabbi Miller: Thursday evenings 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. (Rabbi’s Study)
an introduction into the various elements of basic Judaism: Shabbat, Festivals, Dietary Laws, the Prayerbook, Israel. In addition we are viewing the series “Civilization: History and the Jews” narrated by Abba Eban to provide the class with a “bird’s-eye” view of Jewish History. At our last class we listened to various types of Jewish Music, cantorial, modern liturgical and yiddish folk.

Important: If you are interested in attending , please be sure to call Rabbi Miller (314) 308-3672 to make sure that the class is being held that evening. There is no charge for these courses.

יום הזיכרון Yom HaZikaron

Tuesday, April 21st, 7:15-9:00 p.m. – Join us in remembering the fallen soldiers of Israel and Jewish victims of terrorism at a special service on Tuesday, April 21st, 7:15-9:00 p.m. at Congregation Beth Ami. SEE FLYER.

Social Action Monthly at the Food Bank

Starting in September we have been going to the food bank on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Hopefully you can mark you calendar in advance and get used to committing 2 hours a month to help support the food bank. They need volunteers and it is a wonderful way to get to know people and do a mitzvah at the same time. The new facility is very open and inviting. On Wednesday April 1st we will be going to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Volunteers need to be 12 or over.  Hope to see you there.  The time is 10:00-12:00 at the Redwood Empire Food Bank on 3990 Brickway. Please contact Elizabeth at the CBA office so we know you’re coming.

Shabbat meals

Because of Pesach, the next Shabbat dinner will be May 1, the usual first Friday. The schedule for Friday evening is as follows: 6:00 Catered Dinner (it’s nice to bring wine if you wish), 7:30 Services with Rabbi Miller, Oneg follows. We usually have wonderful live music provided by Rabbi Miller on clarinet, Zim Zum, and/or other congregants. Dancing is encouraged. Birthdays and anniversaries are enthusiastically celebrated.

$18 for member adults, $10 for children ages 6-17, and 5 & under are free – with a family maximum of $46. Non-members are $22 per adult, $10 for children ages 6-17, and 5 & under free. Make your reservation by calling the office at 360-3000.

 Ongoing Activities

“Daily Daven” morning and evening with Rabbi Miller in the Chapel
–Monday thru Friday at 7:00 am
Sundays and national holidays at 8:30am, a light breakfast follows on 1st and 3rd Sundays
Evenings–Sunday thru Thursday at 6:30pm
If you need to say Kaddish or memorialize a special event, contact the office at 360-3000 one week in advance, and we will do our best to secure a minyan. The Torah is read Monday and Thursday, if there is a minyan.

Israeli Folk Dancing, approximately two Wednesdays a month at 6:30 pm, March 11 and 25

Bingo CardsBingo: (formerly the game at Ursuline High School)
Sunday nights 6:45 pm Benefiting Congregation Beth Ami

Check out the current  March April 2015 Shofar for more events and details about the events listed above.

Congregation Beth Ami is located in Northern California,in the heart of Wine Country in Sonoma County, about one hour north of San Francisco, and about one hour west of Napa.

Beth Ami has a Job Opening – Director, Youth Education (Part-Time)
The Director of Youth Education is responsible for the day-to-day administration of Congregation Beth Ami’s Religious School and Youth Programming for Pre-K through 12th grade. The Director provides vision and leadership regarding curriculum and programming while nurturing positive Jewish identities and values in the youth of our congregation. For a full description, please click on the pdf link.
TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Barbara Tomin, VP Youth and Education cbarsresumes@gmail.com 
CBA Director Youth Education Posting 3.8.15

For more information about events and activities at our synagogue, please contact our office at (707) 360-3000.