Sunday, February 11, free choice. Each participant does a mini-book report (5-10 min.) on a fiction or non-fiction book of own choosing by a Jewish author or with a Jewish theme. Probably meet at CBA. Come inspire and be inspired!

Sunday, February 25, we will discuss Talia Carner’s THE THIRD DAUGHTER. (Historical novel, 390 small pgs, 2019.) It’s about pogroms and poverty of Eastern – European Jews and their hope for a better life in America — which
they heard was paved with gold. It’s about white slavery, friendships, family, and the then-legal prostitution business in 1890s Buenos Aires, Argentina. Based on historical facts (section at back of novel and includes info on the author.) Reads like a thriller, but be fore-warned that it is graphic and describes brutality — BUT, IT HAS A somewhat HAPPY ENDING. We borrowed these books from the Jewish Community Library in SF — their Book Club in a Box program — had 12 copies, a few left to borrow. As always, all CBA members and friends are welcome to both groups. Refreshments. For further info, phone Linda at (707) 544-4532