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Everybody Sing!

Rabbi Nachman said,“Even if you can’t sing well, sing. Sing to yourself. Sing in the privacy of your home. But sing.” Some Benefits Of Singing Physically Singing exercises our lungs. It tones up our intercostal muscles and our diaphragm. It can improve our sleep. We benefit our hearts and circulation by improving our aerobic capacity… Read more »

Rockin Shabbat and other news

A new class has been added for 3- and 4-year–old Nursery School students AND their parents! It will be on Fridays beginning September 23rd from 1-1:45, and it is FREE! Lauren Kalmenson will be leading this class, called Beth Ami and You: My First Jewish Class. Please stop by the office (room 9) to pick… Read more »

Try a One Month Trial.

Do you know a Jewish family who recently moved into Sonoma County? Perhaps they may be interested in checking out our small yet amazing Hebrew school on Tuesday and Friday afternoons 4–6 p.m. We are always happy to let them experience it first hand with a one month trial. Contact Judy at Office hours… Read more »

Holiday Programming for Kids

Beth Ami and You presents My First Jewish Class! Starts Friday September 23 at 1:00 p.m. with Anya. Holiday Programming for Kids: High Holiday songs, themed stories, games, food, discussion and guided play. Check-in and drop off your children with Miriam and go enjoy services for 2 uninterrupted hours! Children ages 2–3 are welcome with an adult. Kosher snacks… Read more »

The school year has come to an end

It is hard to believe this school year has come to an end. We had an incredibly full calendar with Rockin’ Shabbats, a fieldtrip to Howarth Park with services and dinner by the lake, Judaic pottery painting (twice!), Tzedakah day, Tikkun Olam day and lots of wonderful holiday celebrations. We enjoyed coming together every Friday… Read more »

Religious School Report

It is that time of year that we are simultaneously deeply immersed in learning and fun in religious school, enjoying our longer days, later Shabbat lighting times, and our springtime holiday programming… Even as we try to live in the moment like our wise children, we also begin looking toward next year, planning and planting… Read more »

Skill Building Intensive March 6th

Next Sunday Skill Building Intensive April 3rd. Grades 4th and up come together monthly on a Sunday to hone their Hebrew reading, Torah chanting and T’fillah leading skills. This is another way for our students to succeed­—whether for catch-up if they’ve just joined us or have had to miss class, to develop select skills or… Read more »

December News

In November, we had a pottery studio bringing clay dreidels and glaze to us so each student can paint their own. They have been glazed and returned for Chanukah. The monthly teen class began last Tuesday and they spent two hours engaged in a Talmud fueled ethics debate, playing two truths and a lie with middot,… Read more »

Beth Ami & You for the holidays

Sukkot Family Celebration Sunday, September 27th, 4:30 – 7:30 PM Come for art projects to beautify our sukkah! Stay for a brief service and the very popular Pizza in the Hut, a fundraiser for Youth Programs. Tickets for Pizza: $10 for adults. $8 for youth. Kids 4 and under are free. Serving cheese and veggie… Read more »

Annual President’s Report minutes

Congregation Beth Ami President Laura Alexander shared the highlights of her first year as President and her willingness to serve another two years if elected. She asked Board members and volunteers to rise to be thanked for their contribution to Beth Ami. The success of Beth Ami relies on everyone helping in whatever way they… Read more »