Beth Ami is Participating in a National Online program for Tisha B’Av with Sarah Miller and Kol Emeth. Tisha B’Av looks at the history of anti-Jewish violence and calls us to realize that our response to it can move the whole world away from hate and towards love.

August 6
Saturday, 8:15 pm Begin Fast of Tish b’Av, 9:15 pm. Havdalah, Read Lamentations with Beth Ami on Beth Ami’s Zoom

Sunday, August 7th:
8:00 am morning services on Beth Ami’s Zoom

5:00 pm Special national zoom service to combat anti-semitism featuring Pastor Kaloma Smith of University AME Zion Church. Zoom:

The Conscience of a City (Educational Film)
Available from July 31-Aug 14th
“The Conscience of a City” is a Dutch short film that brings to light the story of a small town (Enschede) where a minister took it upon himself and the members of his church to save as many local Jews as they could during the Holocaust. The film will be available via a youtube link for these 2 weeks. Click to register for access to the film

Team Overduin hopes to make this film available to communities around the world, especially those who have little access to information about the Holocaust and the Jewish people. While an English dubbed version has been created, we know that there are many more language versions needed. This work can only be done through support from you – please consider making a donation today. As a token of appreciation, we will send all contributors access to the English dubbed film.

Sunday, August 7th Events:
Conversations with “Team Overduin”
Those involved with this extraordinary story and film will be sharing their personal insights and reflections during over two zoom sessions. These will be an opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and meet some of the survivors, righteous gentiles, and production team behind the history and film.

Session 1:
Click here to join the Zoom

Session 2:
Click here to join the Zoom