Purim is coming. And we can smell the hamantashen in our Beth Ami Kitchen. The tradition has returned! For the first time in a couple of years we had a small crew rolling, cutting, stuffing, folding and baking Hamantashen for you to enjoy. We created 136 date; 106 prune/raisin, and 78 poppyseed Hamantaschen. We used donated dough and no-cook filling (no nuts or nut products in either) and even had the energy to make up the poppyseed filling in the kitchen.We have lots of dough and filling for our second bake date. (prune/raisin and apricot). Thanks goes out to Ahuva, Lee, Jeffrey and me for the labor of love of donating dough, filling, and making Hamantaschen on Sunday. We’re in action again! ~janet

And if you want to bake your own, this older post has lots of recipes from all the hamentashen bakers:  https://bethamisr.org/2021/02/hamentashen-recipes/

PS: This reminds me, we need to get rid of the 2021 Passover items before Purim, so please come in and take what is available on the counter in the social hall. Donations are appreciated, but not required. What is required is to have the Passover Food gone. Thank you