Dear Friends, By this time most of us have heard of the terrible tragedy when part of Champlain Towers in Surfside Florida, collapsed while people were asleep in bed, Just imagining going through such an experience sends chills down my spine.  Every individual who went through this, adult or child, is a soul in distress, not to mention family and friends who were greeted by this horrifying news. It brings to mind just how much our lives hang in the balance.  We all live in the presence of Diving Grace and we can’t afford to forget how thankful we might be for every day that we spend in safety; that such awful moments tend to be very few and far between – which only serves to make them more shocking when they actually occur.

At times such as this, our hearts go out to all those affected and, underneath the prayers, you can find a link to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation if you feel so inclined to express your support by making a contribution. Below is some material from our sister congregation, Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, which Lee Feinstein shared with me:

David Balto has offered the following prayer:
Dearest Holy one, source of healing and support.
Be with all of us in this time of tragedy, uncertainty and pain.
May you help those who are lost to cling on to life, to be found and saved.
May you help all who are injured to begin the process of healing both body and spirit.
May you be with those who have died, to embrace and comfort their spirits and remove any earthly pain and suffering. May their memories always be for a blessing.
May you be with all of the families, those who have suffered loss, those overwhelmed with uncertainty, those who have lost so much. Be present for them, have them feel your loving embrace, help them to feel your love and support.
May you be with those who are working tirelessly to find and to support the victims. Help them find the strength and courage needed to do this sacred work, help them to know how they are your partners in helping others to heal.

To which we might add, at this time, another thought from Alison Jordan:
May you be with those who are dying and comfort them under the wings of the Shechinah. Please bless each soul with your presence, grant a healing of spirit and give them peace.

Again, please consider giving to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation emergency assistance fund for the short- and long-term needs of those in the community affected by the tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, FL during the early morning hours of Thursday, June 24.