Dear Friends,

By the time you read this, we trust that the Capitol in Washington, DC, will have been made secure. This has truly been a day of sadness for the United States. We know that there are many among us who have been visibly shaken. How many of us ever imagined such disrespect for law as we have witnessed this day? January 6th, 2021 will be a day enshrined in our history, to record a leader who was willing to incite his supporters to violently protest the carefully designed process of transfer of power. All this, when his efforts to overturn the national decision which put him out of office by any non-violent means – legitimate or otherwise – failed.

At the same time, our faith in a God of the Universe, prompts us to feel secure in our country’s future; that we have the resources and determination to bring life back to normal. The mob action has ignited the desire on the part of the vast majority to shore up and, if necessary, reinstate those functions of government which work for the benefit of all.

May God protect all that we hold dear; our Constitution and its guarantees of freedom under the law, that this painful episode be a prelude to a time of unity, and the inevitable blessings to all faithful, law-abiding citizens.

With blessings for peace and security,

Carolyn Metz

Rabbi Mordecai Miller
Congregation Beth Ami
Santa Rosa, CA