I’m looking forward to our time together during the upcoming Holy Days: A time of reflection, wonder, prayer, support, making things right where one can do so; I’m looking forward to greeting you and sharing our grief and joy, our hopes and yes, our fears, and our prayers for renewal.

When you come to the CBA campus now, notice the new fence that has been installed around the Nursery School play yard and along the west entrance. Thank the California Office of Emergency Services (Homeland Security money) and Henry Cohn for writing the grant which paid for the fence. You’ll be hearing about additional security endeavors in the coming months—stay tuned. Russ Gurevitch is Chair of Security at CBA.

The Nursery begins its classes for the year today, August 19, as I write this. The new classroom is beautiful! Poke your head into rooms 12/13 and see how they have transformed the environment to accommodate eight 2-year-olds every day. Very sweet. The cost of making the transformation came from an allocation of the Sustainers’ Circle (Beth Ami members.)

What’s next? Many of you have asked about results of the Strategic Planning Focus Groups, which have been on-going since March of this year. I expect to have analysis and options for your consideration this Fall. It’s been an interesting journey of discovery, and we’re not quite finished yet. Stay tuned.

Be well my friends. Hold those you love near in body, heart, mind and soul.