Dear Friends, If you missed the Annual Meeting on June 10, you missed a opportunity to mingle with members, elect new Directors to the Board, celebrate highlights of the year past and debate the benefits of a membership dues increase. You’ll get an update in the Membership Renewal letter which is in the mail – look for it to arrive any day now and please respond at your earliest convenience – Thank you!

Of special note is the wonderfully successful year that the Friedman Center, under Andrea Nett’s direction. You’ll hear more about that, too, in the future.
It’s Summer Solstice, the longest day-light hours of the year! And that means vacation time for Rabbi Miller, Elizabeth Jarlsberg and Judy Gunnar. Check the latest Cybershul for exact dates.

The new Board of Directors meets with the “old” on June 26 for a transitional meeting, closing 2017-18 and embarking on our new fiscal year. You can always contact one of us with questions, concerns, ideas and good news! Enjoy your summer.

Shabbat shalom, Carolyn Metz
VP Administration