If you missed my Kol Nidre High Holiday Appeal, then look no further and read below!
I stand here today because I love Beth Ami. It might seem trite but I truly love all that Beth Ami brings to me and my family’s lives. I stepped up to be President just over 2 years ago not knowing what was in store for me as a new leader. I will admit it isn’t always an easy job, and I often have to make difficult and unpopular decisions, but this is what I agreed to do. Despite all the challenges I have and continue to face as a leader of this community, I am even more committed and dedicated to Beth Ami’s present and future. As I sat on the beach with my family enjoying the warmth of the sun on my birthday this past weekend, I observed the waves and how they remind me of our relationships we all share here at Beth Ami. Sometimes the waves come crashing in hard and fast and sometimes they come in slow and steady creating swirls and flows, but ultimately all melding together as one force and one enormous body of water. I picture all of us as one, flowing together as a united community today and in our future.
We all know that despite our love for and commitment to Beth Ami, it takes appeals and fundraising to keep Beth Ami’s future strong and bright. Without today’s High Holiday Appeal, Beth Ami’s future would be precarious. I wish I could say that our dues and the generous Sustainer donations were enough to cover all of our expenses but it unfortunately, it is not. After years of deferred building maintenance, increased operating expenses and unforeseen emergencies, such as dry rot damage to the support beams in the Social Hall that has been infested with termites and needing to repave the Nursery School playground in order to comply with State licensing. We’re asking for everyone’s financial contribution. I’m here to ask each and everyone of us to open our wallets or in other words fold a tab to support the needs of Beth Ami. No amount is too small, and of course, no amount is too large.
I am appealing to each and every one of you in our community to donate and contribute to Beth Ami’s continued financial stability by giving generously to our 2016 High Holiday Appeal. Your donation helps ensure that Beth Ami remains sustainable and flourishing. Thank you!
Together as a united body, we have an opportunity to provide our community, to provide our children, with a place to call home, a place to worship, a place to learn, a place to build relationships and a place to come together as Jews to share the cycle of life.
I am blessed to have a wonderful family who continuously supports me in my journey as President of Beth Ami and I could not stand here today without their love and support and I am eternally indebted and grateful to my loving husband, Abe and sons, Nick and Ben. Todah rabah for sharing in my journey as President and by osmosis helping me to lead our community. I would also like to take a moment to thank Rabbi Miller for his guidance and wisdom. I would also like to thank all of the members of the Board and the many volunteers who dedicate their time and know how to love and care for Beth Ami.
In closing, I’d like to leave you with this quote from Likkutei Sichot, vol. 17, p. 187: “When do you know that you have truly returned and changed your past?”
As long as that past keeps pulling you down, it remains what it always was.
When that past drives you higher and yet higher each day, then you know that past has been transformed.
Let’s drive Beth Ami’s future higher and yet higher! Todah rabah!