Many of us have had job challenges over the years. Now, both Beth Ami and I, personally, have such challenges. Since these can affect you as a member of Beth Ami, I want to share some background with you.

As many of you know, our hard working and talented Carolyn Metz is retiring as Executive Director of Congregation Beth Ami.
As you may also know, I’ve worked for the County of Sonoma almost 9 years in various offices of the Human Services Department. Most recently, I’ve been working for the Family, Youth and Children’s Services Department. Almost as soon as I transferred to Family, Youth and Children’s Services almost 3 years ago, I realized that I wanted to have a career in Social Work. I am in so much awe of the service that Social Workers provide to our community by providing supportive services for struggling families, for reuniting families and for foster and adoptive families. I started in Family, Youth and Children’s Services providing support to social workers in a clerical capacity but most recently I applied for and accepted a position as a Spanish bilingual Social Worker Assistant. Essentially, my new role is to supervise visits between parents and their children who are in foster care. My experience as a Social Worker Assistant will be instrumental in my path towards becoming a Social Worker. It’s going to take a number of years and I’m sure there will be many challenges along the way, but my goal is to go back to school for a Master’s in Social Work and become a social worker for my department.

Why am I telling you all of this? One of the changes that occurred due to my promotion has resulted in a work schedule change. Fortunately for our Family, Youth and Children’s services families, our schedule accommodates their need for weekend visits. But, it means I have to be available to work on Saturdays and later in the evenings — more than I used to in my old position. Of course, I will attend as many special events and services as my days off and vacation bank will afford. The good news is now I have every Sunday and Monday off work. Sundays are my family day and Mondays I dedicate to taking care of Beth Ami.

Needless to say this has been a big transition for our family and has made it much more challenging for me to attend services and Beth Ami events but my commitment and dedication is just as strong as ever. I hope to email President’s Messages more regularly to fill you in between Shofar issues.
One of the major updates that I’m pleased to announce is that the Board of Directors has approved the job description that the Search Committee presented to the Board at the end of October. The Committee has been hard at work developing the job description and has posted the position on various websites, including our Cybershul and Beth Ami website. As the acceptance of applications ends before this issue of the Shofar is mailed, be on the lookout for news about an executive director from Beth Ami.

Best wishes to Carolyn, who served us as a dynamic Executive Director! Carolyn will continue to serve the larger community in Sonoma County in her real estate practice.

And, best wishes to all of you for a Happy Chanukah!