Dear CBA family,

What a wonderful Rockin’ Shabbat we experienced!! Dozens of people, many of whom do not usually attend services, had a Rockin’ good time, and experienced a meaningful Shabbat. Thank you to Saul Kaye, our visiting professional. And thank you to Sarah and Susan Miller, Barbara Tomin, Ronit Glickman, Barb McGee, Pnina Loeb, and all the volunteers who made this happen.

Thank you also to all the volunteers who made Mitzvah Day a big success. We pruned shrubs, harvested fruit, spread mulch, washed windows, polished silver, made repairs, and did so very much else. Thank you!!

Selichot services are this Saturday night at 8:30 pm as we continue to prepare for the High Holy Days.

This year, at our High Holy Day services, if you spot someone that you do not know, please approach that person and start a conversation. The person could be a newcomer, a visitor, or even a long-time member that you just do not happen to know. This is Beth Ami’s opportunity to show to the world what a wonderful welcoming and caring place we are. But we will only be as warm, welcoming, and caring as each of us chooses to be.

This year we are trying a lot of new things for the High Holy Days:

We will save a few honors, such as readings and ark openings, to be assigned at each service. Please approach the RPC table in the lobby if you would like to participate at each service. We know some of us cannot make a firm commitment ahead of time. We hope you will join us in honoring these special days.

Our Rosh HaShonah services will start at 8 am to allow time for a complete Musaf and still finish on time.

We will have a picnic in Howarth Park after our joint Tashlich service with Shomrei Torah at 4:30 pm on the first day of Rosh HaShonah. Later that evening we will daven evening prayers at the edge of the lake.

On the Second day of Rosh HaShonah Rabbi Miller will take extra time to discuss certain parts of the service, and thus eliminate some other parts.

Our children will have children’s services on the first day of Rosh HaShonah, and “Yom Tov Camp” on the second day.

We will have a pre-Kol Nidre dinner at the synagogue. Our Break-the-Fast after Yom Kippur is unchanged.

We do not expect everyone to be happy with every new thing that we are doing, but we are excited about all our new efforts. As always, we welcome your feedback.

This week Rabbi Marvin Goodman was our guest as we explored ways we could work even closer with our local Federation.

Also this week your Board of Directors congratulated Mazie Miller on her 100th birthday!!Mahzel Tov!!

Shabbat Shalom!!