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Remembering Lee Newland

Lee Newland passed away November 5, in Florida, at her daughter’s home. She taught our Israeli dance group (and me) for many years, keeping us all going after Ruth Gundelfinger retired. The word that comes up most often in talking about her is “spirit.” She had a beautiful spirit, and danced with grace and spirit as well,… Read more »

It’s a Small World

I just taught at a new folk dancers’ festival in Petaluma, put on by the Folk Dance Federation. It was an international folk dance event, not Jewish or Israeli. I decided to teach a real classic, “Kuma Echa” choreographed by Rivka Shturman in 1945 on Kibbutz Ein Harod. After i finished, one of the Balkan… Read more »

Santa Rosans in the big city.

I’m happy to say that when members from our Santa Rosa dance group go to the monthly dance in San Francisco, we make a very respectable showing. I’ve been trying to go over dances that are popular there, and our dancers get out on the dance floor and really contribute to the energy of the event. We… Read more »