It’s a sad fact that folk dancing does not lend itself to social distancing in any way. Even without holding hands, the increased respiration and movement through a shared space, and for a long duration of time, has much more potential for virus transmission than quiet sitting activities, or briefly passing people on a walk. I don’t think I could manage to dance while wearing a mask; most people have said that they could not dance in masks as well. So I’m feeling pretty discouraged about this hobby i love so much.

There are lots of zoom groups and facebook live streams designed to help people who want to watch, hear the music, and dance in their homes.

I’ll list them below as i get notices.

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Yaron Meishar of has prepared 20 dance sessions that you can watch or dance to. They include a few nostalgia sessions, a debka session and several sessions of Moshiko’s dances (It’s really great to see him dancing some of his dances again).