Zoom Address for Beth Ami services and meetings

Beth Ami continues to offer true hybrid services. Zoom participants are able to actively take part. Make sure you are muted otherwise.
Click, or copy and paste, this new Zoom address


If you prefer to use the actual meeting id and password within the Zoom app, please use 258 830 8736 for the meeting ID and TrCJ25 as the password.

Closed Captioning/ Live Transcript instructions

For those who will be attending in-person services, please note that there are buttons at the parking lot gate and lobby doors which will alert someone to come let you in. Members have a code for the parking lot gate.
We encourage everyone who can to be up to date with vaccination and boosters, and not attend while ill. Masks may be worn as needed.

Rabbi Mordecai Miller’s half-hour Rashi lessons remain posted on YouTube