Potluck Food Guidelines

All items coming into the synagogue must be either pareve (non-dairy or non-meat) or dairy. The following may be brought by congregants:

  • HechshersStore bought items in unopened, original packaging with a kosher symbol, such as: (remember: K is not a Kosher symbol, it is just a letter of the alphabet).
  • Packaged baked goods with a Kosher symbol or from Safeway, Costco or Entenmann’s Bakeries.
  • Home baked bakery items (cookies, cakes, etc.) that don’t involve cooking on the stove-top or in a microwave.
  • Cold, uncooked (raw) food prepared at home (salads, cut fruit and vegetables, etc.).
  • Homemade tuna salad, cheese, fish, hard boiled or stuffed eggs.

Examples of foods NOT OK if brought from outside:
Pasta or potato salad, kugel, pudding

These guidelines are posted in the social hall for your use. Please email us, JSL2602@sonic.net for a copy.