Submitted by Linda Emblen
Now we are reading DANCING ARABS by Sayed Kashua (fiction, 227 pgs, Hebrew, 2002; English translation, 2004.) This semi-autobiographical account of Arab Israeli life recounts the story of a Palestinian boy who wins a prestigious scholarship to a Jewish high school. Both Andy and Nancy Fleming read the book years ago and recommend it. As usual, we’ve borrowed 12 copies from the SF Jewish Community Library through their Book Club in a Box program. A few still available. Discussion will be Sunday, November 19, either at Beth Ami or, weather permitting, in my sukkah which is likely to remain standing until the end of the current Israel-Hamas conflict and beyond . . .
The same author, Sayed Kashua, also created the popular Israeli sitcom, ARAB LABOR, which features a friendship between Jewish and Palestinian Israeli young people and their adventures. Special showing of the Arab Labor sitcom and interviews will be at CBA on November 8th 1 – 3:30 pm, and continue on Nov 15th and Nov 22nd at 1 pm in the Multi-purpose room. Please RSVP to the office. These events are free.
In December our group, as well as Jewish people around the Bay Area, will be borrowing this year’s One Bay One Book selection, Elizabeth Graver’s novel, Kantika. We’ll follow protagonist Rebecca Cohen’s 20th century odyssey from Constantinople to Barcelona, Havana, and NY. Both in-person and virtual events related to the book’s focus on Sephardic history and heritage will be held throughout the calendar year 5784. See pamphlets in our lobby or visit or write to All CBA members and friends are welcome to participate. Questions or comments to Linda (707) 544-4532.