As the holiday season ended with Simchat Torah and with the horrific events in Israel, I wanted to let you know the Sonoma County Rabbis are planning an event for the county within the week in support of Israel. More information will be announced in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Eli Cohen has put together information regarding what you can do to help and support Israel, please see below. Whether large or small each one of us can help in some way. Thanks Eli for putting this together.

Rabbi Miller will also be sending out a separate message soon.

With a heavy heart, our thoughts and prayers are with loved ones in Israel,


Terrorist Invade Israeli Soil
On October 7th, with funding and support from Iran’s regime, Hamas and other radical Islamic terrorist groups that control Gaza launched a brutal war. They targeted civilians in their homes and abducted toddlers, children, and even those in wheelchairs. Hamas’s charter states its goal is to replace Israel’s democracy with its Islamic theocracy. In the first two days of the invasion, Hamas massacred over 700 Israelis and wounded 3,000 more.
What you can do now
· Stay informed: Now is the time to stay engaged with the unfolding events in Israel. For accurate and unbiased coverage, I recommend the website, and the newspapers Jerusalem Post ( and the Times of Israel ( Find updated webinars on our website http://IsraelUpdate.INFO
· Be an advocate: Email, text, or call our elected representatives. In our community, classroom, and social media, let the world know you stand with Israel.
· Donate: To save lives, I recommend donating to American Friends of Magen David Adom –Israel’s Red Cross ( and Haddasah Hospital (
· Put politics aside: Our community members have a range of political views regarding both America and Israel. Now is the time to set our differences aside and stand united to support Israel’s safety and security.
· Reach out: Many of us have family and friends in Israel. While we cannot remove someone’s pain, letting someone know they are not alone is an important gesture. Send a text or email letting them know they are in your heart.
· Pray: The shattered soul of Israel needs our prayers now more than ever. At home, in the synagogue, wherever you are — now is the time to pray for the Jewish People.