A weekly, in-person group exercise class for active, older adults will continue throughout the year. The class promotes functional strength, flexibility, balance and fall prevention combining physical and cognitive exercises. We will combine chair and standing exercises using Activator Poles, which will be provided.

Activator Poles are modified Nordic walking poles, invented in Canada by a Occupational Therapist as a tool to increase mobility, stability and movement. The poles have been used successfully as a rehabilitation tool for over 10 years for arthritis, Parkinson’s, pre- and post-hip and knee replacement, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, cancer, and stroke recovery. Many assisted living facilities utilize the Activator poles for general fitness classes.

We will incorporate games, obstacle courses, and competitions to spice up our aerobic movement, stretching, and free weight lifting. The Rambam taught that exercise should be joyous and fun.

The class will meet every Wednesday at 10:30 am in the Social Hall at Congregation Beth Ami and will last about an hour. A $5 donation per class is requested ,which will be used to purchase equipment and as donation to Congregation Beth Ami. Each participant is requested to bring a water bottle.

The class will be taught by Jeffrey Sternfeld.
Certifications of instructor: Senior Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, Brain Health Trainer, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Activator Pole Instructor, Arthritis Exercise Group Leader, Kettlebell Sport Instructor, Matter of Balance Coach.