We received lots of positive feedback from people who attended the dinner and panel discussion. Thank you to the speakers, Dan Levitis and Leah Halper, and to Ilana Stoelting for moderating. Thank you, Rabbi Miller, for a wonderful service. The food was delicious, thanks to David Kahn we enjoyed cheese enchiladas in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Thank you to everyone who baked and/or contributed deserts from Advocates for Social Justice Committee and the Social Action Committee. People commented that it was educational, controversial and inspirational. Several people wanted more information about the topics discussed. Here are some resources that Leah Halper provided:

The Climate Safe California plan: https://theclimatecenter.org/climate-safe-california/

State legislation pending: https://theclimatecenter.org/our-work/bill-tracker

Free phone app: Climate Action Now

Free Webinar: Wednesday, May 24, 10:00-11:30. “What a World Beyond Fossil Fuels Will Mean for Workers, Families and Communities”. To register contact: info@theclimatecenter.org