Several Israeli dances we do are based on Georgian music, with a bit of a nod to the distinctive and beautiful dance style.
There are about 80,000 Georgian Jews in Israel; the majority came during the 1970s when Jews were allowed to leave the Soviet Union.
This Israeli wedding video apparently benefits from having members of an Israeli Georgian dance group marry each other.

Here are some Georgian-based dances we do. It’s pretty impossible to find anyone in videos throwing in Georgian styling but I like to channel that superhuman posture and crisp movement.

Rokdim Yechefim (They dance barefoot)

Nashkini Na (Kiss me please)

Shir Megaresh et HaChoshech (A song banishes the darkness)

I found one where they do go all out in styling but i don’t know this at all; Debka Eilon or Ayalon.