Book Group for January 8 and/or January 15 free choice. Each participant tells us a little about a fiction or non-fiction book he / she has been reading lately. Something about the author. 5 or 10 minutes. And the rest of us listen and may have a question or 2 relating to the theme, subject matter, etc. In the past, this has been highly interesting. Small groups, this time of year meet in my living room — comfy and warm. All vaccinated people. With or without masks. All CBA
members and friends are welcome. RSVP.
Also,loaner copies from the SF Jewish Community Library of AS A DRIVEN LEAF by Milton Steinberg (1939, 480 pgs, Foreword by Chaim Potok) are still available. We’ll discuss this novel
probably Sunday, January 29.
Questions or comments? Linda Emblen (707) 544-4532. Chag Sameach!