The Kitchen Committee has been preparing lunches after Shabbat morning services. As long as COVID remains a risk, we are keeping the Shabbat lunches simple, but if you wish to add to the lunch, there are some things you can bring. Of course donations of funds to help us provision the kitchen are always a big help.

The lunches are dairy, so no items with meat products. Sealed packaged goods marked with a Kosher symbol, such as hummus, crackers, chips, lox, herring. (If you are not familiar with the Kosher symbols, click here for more information.) Sealed packages of cheese marked Kosher. Sealed packages of domestic cheeses from USA with no kosher symbol are acceptable as long as there are no other ingredients added to the cheese (olive, jalapeño, pickles, etc.).

The only home prepared items that can be brought in at the moment are baked desserts that follow the potluck guidelines (cookies, cakes) in a disposable container.

All other food must be prepared in the Beth Ami kitchen, supervised by a mashgiach. If you have any questions, contact Myra Thomas at or 707 287-0786.