This past Sunday the men’s club hosted a wonderful breakfast with our congregants [26 attended]. The men’s club members who participated included Dan Anbar Mark Rosen, Jeff Sheff, and Jerry Newman. In addition we had the assistance of Betty Boyd, Myra Thomas, Anne Brown, Sybille Anbar, and Barbara McGee, the event began at 9:30 and people finally went home at 11:45 it was delightful to see everyone sitting together and talking and enjoying food. We serve matzoh brei, coffee, orange juice, strawberries and other fruit, plus every topping we could think of including syrup, ketchup, cottage cheese, and other things too frightening to mention. I used to say that Matzoh Brei was a vehicle to get sour cream and jelly to your mouth but now I realize it is also a vehicle to schmooze with your friends.

Richard Kahn for the men’s club
(And thanks to Jerry Newman for the photos)