CBA Book Group is now reading S.Y. Agnon (1888-1970) ‘s TO THIS DAY (Fiction, 177 pgs., Hebrew, 1952; English translation 2008.) AGNON won the NOBEL PRIZE for Literature in 1966. He was the only Nobel Laureate to write in Hebrew.

Several years ago, our group read 1 of Agnon’s earlier works. This is the last of his many novels. According to Dan Anbar, our Israeli-born group participant, Agnon’s Hebrew is sometimes Biblical and style is interesting and he often uses his own made-up words — it is not like modern Hebrew. Scholar, English translator, Hillel Halkin, gives us an extensive intro in this edition.

The SF Jewish Community Lib. where we borrow 12 copies of this book + a Hebrew copy has this 1 sentence to describe TO THIS DAY: ” This comic tale of a Galician Jew who has lived in Palestine, returns to Europe on the eve of WWI and gets stranded in Berlin evolves into a profound commentary on exile, Zionism, divine providence, and human egoism. ”

We will probably be mtg. for group discussion on Sunday, August 28, in my backyard. As always, all CBA members and friends are welcome. To borrow a copy, or for questions, comments,
or details: Linda (707) 544-4532.