A Big Thank You to all those who helped make the Lag B’Omer BBQ a success.
Mark Stoelting, Anne Brown, Leah Kahn, Mark Rosen, Myra Thomas, Russ Gurevitch, Jerry Newman, Ken Plattner, Mel Decker, Rabbi Miller, Betty Boyd, Arnold Herskovic, Abe & Gayle Farkas, Jeff Sheff, and Marge Ballo.
A special thank you to the Klezmer Creek Band, Patti & Larry Gregg, David Ballo with guest clarinetist Rabbi Miller.
A shout out to all those participants who dusted, cleaned chairs and carpeting and rearranged the CBA sanctuary and lobby. The space looks so much brighter. Thank you: Phil Weil, David Kahn, Jeff Sheff, Mark Stoelting, Ken Plattner, Sarah and Raphael Kaufman, Russ Gurevitch, Richard Kahn(Organizer), and Janet and Jeffrey Stein-Larson
May 27 we met at Corbell Champagne sellers for a tasting and lunch. We picked a pretty brisk day but we still had a very good time. In attendance were: myself, Russ Gurevitch, Phil Weil, David Sokolsky, Arnold Herskovic, Rob Gitlin, and Dan Anbar. We had a very pleasant time, and the host was very gracious and poured their ‘only available at the cellars’ champagne for us because we were such a great bunch of guys.
I’m proposing our next event for next Friday the 17th, I once again propose we go to Riverfront regional Park for a walk and just a generally, you know, stretch your legs out and have a chat. Followed by lunch at Russian River brewery. Of course I’m open to any suggestions anyone has for someplace they like better that we could hike around a bit near Windsor.
For our next event I propose we make ourselves breakfast at Beth Ami on a Sunday in July, and we will discuss about hosting a breakfast for the congregation. I suggest a $10 contribution from each one of you who attend to defray the basic expenses, but then my point is for us to get together and have a pleasant time and give an opportunity for some of the working guys to join us for some fun. We will need two or three volunteers to staff the kitchen. I guarantee you that along with breakfast there will be adult refreshments.