We’re currently reading famous Israeli writer A.B. Yehoshua’s THE LIBERATED BRIDE (Fiction, 568 pgs., Hebrew, 2001; English translation, 2004.) Yehoshua, (who died recently) was a 5th generation Israeli and lived in Haifa. He wrote numerous novels and somehow many in our group hadn’t read any of them yet.
So we borrowed 12 copies of THE LIBERATED BRIDE, including one in Hebrew, from our usual source, the SF Jewish Comm. Library. In this book, Yehoshua focuses on the family and professional life of a Haifa professor of Near Eastern Studies. It’s about characters from diverse sectors of Israeli society, relationships, and written with humor and many cultural references. I’m about 100 pgs.in and enjoying it and find it easy to follow.
We’ll probably be mtg, Sunday, July 17, for discussion in my backyard. All CBA members and friends are always welcome. To borrow a book, or for details or comments, phone Linda at 707-544-4532.