Current read for the CBA Book Group is Angel Wagenstein’s ISAAC’S TORAH. (Fiction, Bulgarian, 2000; English , 2008, 304pgs. Translated into several languages.) Isaac — name changed, has very real experiences, is born in pre-WWI in the Kolodetz shtetl in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This story goes through the death of Stalin. During these chaotic times, Kolodetz changes hands among Poland, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and finally the Soviet Union again. Many khokhma — Hasidic fables, and Yiddish jokes included. Darkly ironic. Isaac, a likable tailor, often plays the fool. A mostly 1st person account. A relative, Rabbi Shmuel Ben-David offers unorthodox comments, major insights, in stories and plain, understandable language. Highly immediate.

We have 12 copies on loan from the SF Jewish Community Library. We will be meeting for discussion on Sunday, June 12, probably in my backyard. As always, all CBA members and friends are welcome. Comments and for details, Linda 707-544-4532.