We will be getting the yearly ONE BAY ONE BOOK — a selection that many people throughout the SF Bay Area are reading this Jewish year. It’s called THE HIDDEN PALACE by Helene Wecker.
“In 2013, Pleasanton author Helene Wecker published her first novel, “The Golem and the Jinni,” about an unlikely friendship between two magical creatures who meet in New York City in 1899. The book incorporates elements of fantasy, historical fiction, and Yiddish and Middle Eastern literature and won several awards. It was also a hit with Bay Area Jewish readers, according to staff at the Jewish Community Library.
That’s one reason the S.F.-based library and its parent agency, Jewish LearningWorks, have selected “The Hidden Palace” — a sequel eight years in the making — for the annual One Bay One Book program. Published in June, the novel picks up the story of Chava, a Polish golem, and Ahmad, a Syrian jinni (or genie), in the years leading up to World War I.” There are many ZOOM talks on the book and related topics. See the SF Jewish Community Library website for further info on this. We will meet IN PERSON for discussion, as usual. See later Cybershul.
We may also have a get-together, small groups still, where each participant spends a few minutes telling us about a book they enjoyed reading recently that might interest others. All CBA members and friends invited. Comments to Linda at 1 707 544 4532. Have a cozy, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

by Linda Emblen