Hi everyone. Here are pictures from the gift bag assembly, and a few from the Palms. Anyway, thanks to everyone for such a successful event. The residents were so grateful for everything. The huge array of socks was really welcomed. Everyone needed them. The food was plentiful . There were many varieties of chicken, dessert and bread. It is so important to have a choice and not just be given things. This was my first time back at The Palms since the pandemic began and I have to say it was wonderful having some contact with the residents. I only saw a few people that I recognized but many took food for their neighbors.
Interestingly, the social worker from the VA was there and we spoke. I have her info. She told me about the tiny homes village near the county offices that have 14 single units. They have limited kitchen appliances, much like The Palms. We will check it out.

So big thanks to everyone. We work together very well and as I have said before everyone makes my work much easier. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 11 at 1:00. We didn’t decide on location so I will get back on that.

We have a date for the next food bank: Wednesday, January 19 th at 10:00 am. Remember we need to each register for the Food Bank. They appreciate knowing how many to expect.
Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year. Hoping next year will bring some more normalcy . Take care, Lyla