Let’s Talk about Zionism

Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, reminds us that Jews are and have always been a people. Jews throughout the world share a common language, customs, religion, history, and culture. Most importantly, we care about each other. What happens to a Jew in another land impacts me personally. Because of and through Israel, the Jewish people take care of one another. We freed Russian, Syrian, Ethiopian, and countless others of our people from Jew-hatred in their native lands. Zionism gives us a blueprint for the continuing restoration of the Jewish people.

For two millennia, we prayed daily for our return from exile to our homeland. Zionism is the fulfillment of those prayers. It exemplifies Jewish resilience in the face of Jew-hatred and assimilation worldwide; it provides Jews with Re-Jew-venation.

The State of Israel is far from perfect; politically, it is pulled to the left or right at different times. Currently, it is pulled in both directions at the same time. It faces economic and social problems; no country is perfect. Yet, for all its imperfections, Israel anchors the Jewish people to work together toward fulfillment.

I take pride in the many accomplishments and innovations taking place in the Jewish State. In addition to Jewish study, Israel is a land of innovation in medicine, mathematics, economics, agriculture, energy, and technology.  The inventions to medicine include the pill cam (a camera one swallows), the flexible stent, which saved millions of lives, and a device that lets the handicapped walk. Other innovations include drip irrigation, and Waze, a community-based navigation system used by millions, to name but a few.

Israel’s enemies continue to seek her destruction, yet Israel turned lemons into lemonade with inventions such as Iron Dome. This defensive armament shoots down enemy missiles. It saves the lives of Israelis and innocent civilian residents of Gaza.

Future columns will talk more about these and other accomplishments of Israel.

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