Israeli contemporary author Etgar Keret, mainly known for his short stories,wrote his 1st non-fiction book, a memoir, called THE SEVEN GOOD YEARS.It is the next read for our CBA Book Group.Short, quick, and full of jokes.Sometimes dark humor.We borrow a box of 12 from the SF Jewish Community Library.Still have a few copies.Also available on e-book and and a copy or 2 from our local library. . . and, of course, if you purchase it, you can scrawl notes in it.

Foto: Stephan Röhl

Next meeting is Sunday, November 7.(Daylight Savings Time ends then)We may have some members briefly report on their other reading.As always, All CBA members and friends welcome… some come regularly and some for only a particular book.NO ZOOM. Small congenial groups with diverse opinions. Mindful of COVID- precautions, so RSVP for time and place, Input from everyone present. We’d like to hear what YOU have to say. Queries and comments to Linda at 707- 544 – 4532.