Thanks to the generous donation of David Kahn and Safeway we have a few extra cases of Matzah (Matzot? or Matzas?). By now, you should all have heard about the Matzah Brei Fry we are planning to do on Sunday, November 14th at 9:30 AM (as long as these positive health trends continue). Of course, the logistics of safely working in the kitchen, setting-up, serving, cleaning-up all need to be worked out. It’s eat inside or outside, takeout option too. Donations are gratefully accepted.

If you are planning to come for this event, remember, it is very important to make your reservations by November 10th, so we can have the tables set up for social distancing. All of us who are participating in this and all of us who will be enjoying this event will be following CBA COVID-19 Guidelines (proof of vaccination required, masking, social distancing, etc.) that are set up for the protection of everyone. (Yes, that means all the doors and windows will be open, so please dress accordingly.)

Here’s a little bit of history from Gil Marks in his Encyclopedia of Jewish Food. Before Matzah Brei, there were various fried matzah recipes in cookbooks which started with whole matzah soaked and fried in butter or schmaltz. The egg-based fried matzo (known as Matzah Brei) recipes originated in North American and started showing up in the cookbooks late in 1890s and early 1900s, using either whole or big pieces dipped in beaten egg and then fried. We may thank the influence of Eastern European Jewish immigrants for the idea of crumbling the matzah before combining with beaten egg, and then frying. 🙂