SHANA TOVA UNDER THE REDWOODS A Rosh HaShanah service and a Yom Kippur service for families with young children!!! Celebrate with song, dance, storytelling and sweetness. All are welcome

September 7, 10:30 am, join teacher Lauren Kalmanson to welcome the New Year, 5782.
September 16, 10:30 am, age appropriate service for Yom Kippur.
Both on the lawn of the preschool. SEE FLYER Holiday Family Services 2021

Due to COVID, parents must make a reservation with Elizabeth at the CBA Office:707-360-3000, or; wear masks and social distance while at the service.Filling out and returning the “Attestation” form will secure your reservation. Questions? Call Carolyn Metz, VP Youth & Education: 707-481-3390