Our current read is BETRAYING SPINOZA (non-fiction, 263 pgs, 2006) by MacArthur Fellowship award-winning author, philosophy professor, Rebecca Goldstein.
Baruch Spinoza was born in Holland to Portuguese-Jewish immigrants. Goldstein writes about the history of the 17th c. Amsterdam Jewish Community where he was raised, educated, and at the age of 23, excommunicated from. She explores some of Spinoza’s Rationalist, Pantheistic ideas.

We have a few copies left that are on loan from the SFJewish Community Library. If you’d like to borrow my personal copy of Spinoza’s most famous work, ETHICS, just ask. (It is interesting, but reads like a legal treatise.)
Usually our group reads fiction. If there is enough demand, we might form a mostly non-fiction group too.

This Adult-Ed Committee-sponsored group is, as always, open to all CBA members and friends who want to meet in my backyard. No Zoom. Spinoza discussion will be Sunday, Aug. 29. Small groups. Safety precautions, so RSVP necessary. Linda 544-4532.