As we end the year and prepare for the early High Holidays the SAC is hoping for a return to more normal activities and programming this year. As stated in our yearly report this year was like none other. However, even with COVID restrictions we were able to continue in our mission of Tikun Olam. A big thanks to our committee members: Judi Hyman, Susan Miller, Leanne Schy, Judy Gunnar, Carol Swanson, Karen Herskovic, Cheryle Miller, Rita Kagan, Fredrika Gross, Michelle Zygielbaum, Lenore Holloway, Debra Sokolsky, Ellen Mundell, Tish Levee, Bobbie Rosenthal, and Lyla Nathan. Everyone participated on some level.

These are the highlights from last year.
We met monthly on Zoom to check in with each other and plan our dinners for The Palms.
Every other month we prepared and delivered 100 individual dinners for the residents at The Palms, a residential housing funded by Catholic Charities and the Veterans Administration. We have been serving meals there for over 4 years. The meal includes homemade chili with toppings, fresh baked corn bread and homemade cookies or brownies. The residents are very aware that these meals come from Congregation Beth Ami and are very grateful. Special thanks to Bobbie and Judi for spearheading this project. and to Michelle for helping with delivery.
For the winter holidays we prepared a special stew and also provided toiletries and socks and hats for the residents. It was greatly appreciated.
We were unable to go to The Redwood Empire Food Bank as a group . However we are starting again. More info to follow
Last year we started a subcommittee on Racism and Social Justice. Carol Swanson has taken over leadership of this committee and has done a wonderful job. Thank you so much, Carol.

Upcoming plans for the new year.
On Wednesday, July 14, we are going to the food bank. You need to sign up online. We plan to work the 10:00- 1:00 shift and then go out for a simple meal. If you are interested please Contact me, or Judi Hyman: for details. This is a great activity with your children or grandkids over 13. Or for any friend.
Our next dinner at The Palms will be on Wednesday, August 18. If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Lyla.
I understand that high holiday services are being planned for this year. Assuming we meet in person, hopefully we will have the containers set up for donations to the food bank. More info to follow.
We hope to partner with the nursery school in a Tikun Olam activity. In the past we helped the children make bags of toiletries for those in need. As far as collecting warm winter items we will see how things go.
As we prepare for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we hope that the new year will provide us with new optimism and hope for a better and kinder world. A place where we recognize that we are all made in God’s image and that we treat each other with respect.

Thanks to all the Beth Ami kehilla (community) for supporting the SAC all these years. Anyone is welcome to join us!
Shana Tova 5782,
Lyla Nathan