The SAC made another delivery of a delicious home cooked meal to the residents of The Palms. Once again it was received with great thanks and gratitude. The residents know who we are at Beth Ami and always welcome us with a smile. Great job team!

I have received information from the Redwood Food Bank on the organization and safety involved in volunteering. All work is done outside at the food bank or distribution centers. There are 2 hour shifts. The SAC has discussed the possibility of once again volunteering at the REFB. Hopefully we can resume sometime in the spring.
• The need for food has only increased over this last year.
• The REFB serves 1 in 6 in our community.
• Every $1 donated provides $4 worth of healthy food.
• There are over 300 distribution centers in 5 counties: Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte.
• Volunteer, donate money or drop off food at local markets.

The Racial and Social Justice Committee has been meeting weekly over the last few months. Our conversations have ranged from white privilege to our personal experiences observing racism, either implicit or explicit. We are preparing a three part series intended to be friendly, engaging and thought provoking. The series is entitled Our Courageous Conversations. More info to follow.
Follow the 3 Rs:
• Respect for self
• Respect for others
• Responsibility for all your actions
When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. Take care and stay safe.