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Series of Webinars on
the People Israel and the Land of Israel

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Brought to you by the Sonoma County Israel Committee
with co-sponsorship by Congregation Beth Ami, Club Z, and StandWithUs


MARCH 14, 2021 (Sunday) 10 am PST

Hear Olga Meshoe Washington, Regional Director of Club Z, unpack the significance of the Israel-Africa relationship and why the renewal of this historic relationship will have significant political, social, economic and cultural meaning for the State of Israel and Jews in the diaspora.


APRIL 14, 2021 (Wednesday) 5 pm PST

Take part in a nation-wide celebration of Israel taking place across all 50 US States. The online event features Craig Taubman as its musical headliner and includes a host of other entertainers in Israel and in the US. Morat Derech Sarah Miller in the US and Josh Weisberg in Israel are organizing this international celebration.

MAY 16, 2021 (Sunday) 10 am PST

Hear Dr. Paul Liptz teach us about the Yemenite Jews journey to return home.

The Yemenite Jews dreamed of returning to Israel through the centuries and beginning in the 1880s, small groups arrived. However, in the 1949 “Operation Magic Carpet/On the wings of Eagles”, the community almost disappeared with 49,000 being flown to Israel in El Al planes. This immigrant group contributed in many ways to Israel’s multi-ethnic society and were seen as somewhat exotic with ancient customs and a different Hebrew pronunciation. Although it included some traumatic events, their integration was mostly successful.